Fresh flowers can instantly refresh the decor in any room

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Last week, my mother bought me beautiful flowers for my birthday.  I put them in the kitchen on the counter and since I walk into the kitchen about a hundred times a day for snacks, lunch, drinks, bottles, etc., I started to realize that the flowers made me happy every time I walked into the room.  I love the color it added to my kitchen!  I honestly think that a simple vase of flowers is a great accessory which instantly changes the mood of any room and I often wonder why I don’t have them in my house more often (in fact, I only have them when others buy them for me!).  I love flowers in my bathroom because it makes it more spa-like.  I love flowers in my kitchen because it adds color and I can see them all the time (remember I’m always in the kitchen!).  I love them in my family room because they add beauty and an element of nature to the room!

So, I’m thinking that I should splurge more often and buy flowers to have in my home… after all, it’s the little things in life that can make a huge difference, right?

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