If you are anything like me, you love the feeling of stepping into a spa.  When I think of a spa bathroom there are a few things that quickly come to mind such as a calming color palette, soothing music, candles burning, plush rugs, clean smell, soft bathrobe, comfy slippers and fluffy towels.  Since most of us don’t have the pleasure of visiting a spa everyday, why not bring some of the spa elements into our own bathrooms?  Just a few small, inexpensive changes can help to change our mood as we walk into the bathroom.  Why not try the following and see what impact is has on you and your bathroom space:


– Consider changing the paint color if the walls aren’t a calming color.  Normally, a bathroom does not require a large amount of paint to cover the walls so the cost is kept to a minimum.  Additionally, I highly recommend using a specific kitchen and bath paint since there is a lot of moisture. 

– Buy some new fluffy towels (once again, I love HomeGoods for towels and additional small bath items).  If you want to keep the cost down, purchase only a few hand towels to display either on towel racks or on the vanity.  Stack multiple towels together and tie them with paper ribbon or raffia (maybe add a flower) for an extra special touch!  If you shop at HomeGoods take a look at the great smelling hand soaps, body soaps and lotions they offer at a great bargain.

– Add a few fresh flowers in a small vase to display either on the vanity or in back of the toilet.  Pick them out of your yard!

– Add candles to the bathroom and actually use them!!  After all, you deserve a candlelit bath!!  Buy the scented candles to add a nice fragrance to the space but stick to the clean smells that remind you of the spa.

– Treat yourself to a nice new plush bath mat so when you exit the shower or bath, your feet step on a nice soft carpet!

– Use small vases of different heights and fill them with bath salts, bath beads, sea shells, etc.  Get creative and bring elements of nature into the space.