As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the interior redesign process starts with uncovering what you don’t like about a particular room or what isn’t working in the room.  I love this part of the process because it forces you to really examine the room to figure out what is bugging you and at the same time forces you to envision what you would love for the space to be.  Believe me, the solutions are easier and more affordable than you think but the first piece is figuring out what you truly don’t like! 

So if you have a room that you really dislike in your home (or a room that you and your family never use), sit in the room and as yourself the following questions:   Do I like the color of the walls?  How do the window treatments look (or do you even have anything on your windows?)?  Am I comfortable sitting in this room?  Does the room lack space?  Does the room feel too big?  Is this room disorganized and out of control?  What would I love this room to look like?  How would I like to envision my family and friends using this room?  What is my budget for redesigning this room (be realistic)?  Try to look at the room as if you are just seeing it for the first time and not as you have seen it for the past years… it will give you a different perspective and might help you to figure out what you really want to change in order to love the space!