Each day, I’m faced with the challenge of keeping things clean in my home and with two little boys, it’s quite the challenge!  With all the snacks and juice boxes, carpets and rugs surely take a beating.  A great idea to help this combat is using indoor/outdoor rugs inside your home.  A perfect spot for an indoor/outdoor rug is underneath your kitchen or dining room table.  Here is why…

  1. Indoor outdoor rugs come in a huge selection of shapes, sizes, designs and colors so finding one that fits your decor is easy
  2. They are rather inexpensive and are super easy to clean
  3. Indoor outdoor rugs are very durable do not tend to get worn down or show signs of aging like other kinds of rugs.
  4. They are fade resistant

Here are a few hints when shopping for an indoor/outdoor rug:

  1. Look for 100% PolyPropelene tufted In/out rugs. Many of them look and feel very similar to wool hand tufted or knotted rugs.
  2. Purchase a rug pads to help keep the rug in place and for an added layer of protection since most outdoor rugs are not very cushy.
  3. Get the measurements of the area that you wish to place the rug so that you can get a rug that best fits the amount of space.  For example, if you are placing a rug under a dining room table, you will want to choose a rug that is large enough to accommodate the table as well as all dining chairs when they’re pulled out from the table. You should be able to maneuver the chair comfortably, without moving off the edge of the rug.
  4. Make sure you take a look at the shape of the room or space and the existing furnishings in it. This will give you an idea of what shape you want to get. You don’t have to pick a square or rectangle piece for a square room. A round or oval piece would work just as beautifully.

Here are a couple of online resources which offer a large selection of natural and man made rugs (in all colors, designs, and sizes) that can be used outdoors and indoors.  Check them out!

  1. Home Infactuation (http://www.homeinfatuation.com/cat/Outdoor-Rugs.cfm/v/1offers)
  2. Home Decorators (http://www.homedecorators.com/newThumbPage.php?classification=3&typeDefId=4532)