Mantels serve as a great focal point in any room so why not showcase your best accessories there!  Mantels are quick redesign projects that you can change up as often as you’d like without dipping into the wallet.  Mantels can change with the seasons, holidays and for special occasions without feeling as though you’re getting yourself into a huge project. 

When decorating a mantle be sure to make it interesting while keeping in mind proportion and balance.  A symmetrical display usually has one large item in the center of the mantel with a series of identical items on either side.  An asymmetrical display also offers good balance however each side is not a mirror image of the other but rather items on either side of the mantel are different (but weighted the same to keep the balance… so say a large picture frame is on one end of the mantel with other objects and a large set of candles sticks are on the other end of the mantel.  So both sides are “weighted” similarly but with different objects).  A radial arrangement is when a large object (maybe picture) is anchored on the wall in the middle of the mantel and additional objects are mounted around it which enhances the center object.  It almost displays the objects on the wall in an arc shape around the center object.


Here are some additional hints when decorating your mantle:


– Don’t line objects across the mantle, create intersting groupings instead

– Avoid placing mirrors above the mantle since they usually reflect the ceiling

– If using candlesticks, vary the size and shape

– Try leaning a large picture on the mantle versus hanging it on the wall (layering pictures or artwork on the mantle as well)

– Use leather bound books (without the jackets) to add height to objects

– Remember that if all else fails, keep the arrangement simple