I love finding great ideas for decorating and design but I’m not always in a position to put those ideas into place.  Whether its because of financial reasons or mental reasons (lol!) sometimes the time is not right to start yet another new design project in the house!  So, what I’ve been doing over the years is keeping an inspiration folder of the things that I come across which I really love.  I hate having stacks of magazines (just more clutter to deal with) lying around so what I do it tear out what I like and either recycle or pass the magazine along to someone else.

My inspiration folder contains a variety of things such as ideas for my dream house, great DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects (which of course are put on my never ending “to do” list), fun ideas for holiday decorating, etc.  My folder had become very unruly so I decided to buy a file folder and now all my inspirational ideas are very organized according to room, holidays, etc.  So when the time comes to implement a new project, I can depend on my folder to remind me of all the ideas I loved!