Not everyone has the budget to purchase new furniture so the best thing to do is to try and refresh what we have!  For example, I have a couch that we put downstairs in the “kids” room which I would love to throw out or give away.  I can’t count the number of sticky fingers and sticky mouths that have touched the couch over the past 4 years but right now it doesn’t make much sense to buy a brand new couch that my little one year old is sure to get “stuff” on.  Inside I’m dying to get rid of it but made peace with myself in just trying to freshen it up a bit until the sticky finger phase passes. 


Here is what I did… I threw the old toss pillows out and took the covers off the larger back supporting pillows and tossed them into the wash (they came out great).  I used an upholster cleaning for the rest of the couch (which worked okay but would have worked better if the quality of the couch was better in the first place!). I bought new toss pillows (I opted for 2 pillows with a design on them (bought at HomeGoods) and then 2 solid color pillows of a lightly smaller size (bought at Christmas Tree Shop) and it instantly spruced up the couch!!  I also took a small throw blanket (which was one I had and in the same color family as the smaller toss pillows) and I placed it in the back left corner of the couch behind the large back supporting pillow.  This worked to added a little something extra to the tired couch and it looks so much better even though it’s the same couch.


It is amazing what new toss pillows can do for a couch or chair.  In fact, it is a small change that can effect the whole room.  Toss pillows can be found for little money and you can even change them with the seasons.  You can chose pillows with warmer colors for the winter months and cooler (or summer bright) colors for the warmer seasons.  Another cheap way to freshen up your space!