There are a few things that I can’t function without when redesigning and decorating rooms.  I find that these tools save so much time and are extremely helpful in making the decorating process easier.  These are a must have in my house and they also make great gifts for someone moving into a new home.  Check them out!


– EZ Moves furniture movers (… I love the slides to use on carpet as well as hardwood floors.  You’ll be amazed at how easily you can move furniture around the room!


– A tape measure that has a laser and built in level… allows you to hang pictures straight and evenly (especially when you are hanging 2 or 3 pictures side by side).  No more multiple nails holes in the walls!


– Ooks (, picture wire and picture putty… ooks can handle a lot of weight and are the best by far for hanging artwork.  The wire and putty allow you to hang a picture straight without obsessing about all the measuring!  You can attach the wire to the hooks on the back of the picture and then use the putty on the back corners to secure the picture and keep it from moving out of place.


– Magic eraser (… does an increible job of cleaning marks off the walls as well as painted molding and doors.