When the Fall rolls around, it’s all about creating warmth and adding a cozy feeling to the rooms in our homes.  Below are some of the biggest fall design trends that we are seeing…

  • Colors seem to shift with the season and this year rich hues such as indigo, eletric blue, fuchsia and emerald green are being added to rooms to create a pop of color!
  • Antique looking furniture is being refurnished with bold fabrics and colors.  The antique furniture shaped chairs are updated by painting the wood a bold color and adding large printed fabric!
  • Gray has become the dominant shade… it’s the newest neutral color!
  • Gold is back!!!  To add a touch of glamour to your space, bring in accessories (such as painted vases) that are finished in a brushed gold finish.
  • Bigger in no longer better in terms of furniture.  Smaller scaled furniture is being used to create multiple conversation areas in one room.  The hefty sized furniture of the 90’s is no longer filling up rooms!
  • Nature inspired accessories are hot this season as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.  People are paying attention to detail and really appreciating artists for their talents.