To make holiday decorating easier next year, think ahead and organize your holiday decorations as you are putting them away. This is also the perfect time to get rid of holiday decor items that you no longer use, that are outdated and those that are just worn out. Taking a few steps to organize out now will save you time, space and frustration next year when it’s time to once again decorate for the holidays!

A great place to start is going through your items and deciding whether or not you still use them. Are they outdated? Are they worn looking? You can give items away that you no longer want to keep. Many non profit organizations gladly accept donations of all types. Additionally, you may want to give items no longer used to friends and family. Items that are worn may just need to be tossed out.

After you have decided what to keep, the next part is grouping similar items together. Here are some suggested categories: outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, ornaments, wreaths, garland, candles, decorative items, wrapping essentials (paper, ribbon, gift tags, etc), linens (towels, blankets, pillows, etc). You may come up with other categories depending upon what items you have. The important part is to group like things together.

After the categorizing is done, next comes the containers and of course the labels. There are many different types of containers that are available for easier storage of holiday items. For example, there are containers made specifically for ornaments, wreaths and wrapping paper. Additionally, there are clear containers as well as red and green containers to help distinguish holiday containers. My recommendation is to use whatever containers you prefer but make sure they easily stack for better storage. After filling all your containers, make sure you label the containers as well with the categories you had created. If one container has multiple categories, just make sure you list them all on the label.

Now pick a designated spot in your home to store all your holiday decor containers and make sure you can see all the labels of the containers when you are stacking them and putting them away until next year!