Last week, I met with a women who has always opted to paint all the walls in her home white as a result of her fear of color.  She loves color but is afraid that it will be “too much” or “something she will get tired of” or it “won’t be the right color”.  I have come across this scenario more often than not so I decided to share some advice when taking the plunge from white to color!

Here a few ideas to help introduce color to your rooms:

  1. Start small... selecting a wall color for a small space such as a bathroom, office or small bedroom is less intimidating and will allow you to develop a sense of confidence before moving onto larger rooms.
  2. Temper hot colors (reds, oranges) with cool ones (blues, greens)… this will decrease the drama that warm colors can bring and will help to balance color within the room.
  3. Choose a monochromatic color scheme… select one color but use many hues or shades of that color.   This technique helps the question of “what colors do I put together”.  Using different shades of one color can be soothing and harmonious.
  4. Add contrast to a neutral palette… interject elements of strong color to spice up a room.  Adding a punch of color such as beige with blue or gray with red will liven up a room.  This allows you to add color to a space in a smaller dose (such as an accent wall).