Color choices throughout a home will have a huge impact on buyers.  Therefore when deciding to change the color of the rooms during the staging process, you want to be wise in your color selections.  You do not want to paint everything white which looks boring and uninviting.  Instead, you should chose warm and inviting colors that will go with almost any decor.   Here is a list of some of the colors that I recommend when staging a home:


Benjamin Moore colors:


– Kitten Wiskers (1003)

– Baja Dunes (997)

– Hampshire Taupe (990)

– White Winged Dove (1457)

– Monroe Bisque (HC-26)

– Quincy Tan (HC-25)

– Powell Buff (HC-35)

– Sage Harbor Gray (HC-95)

– Northampton Putty (HC-89)

– Silver Bells (1458)


Also, I really like Sherwin Williams- Virtual Taupe but as you can see, I’m a Benjamin Moore fan!!!