Most of us have heard of feng shui but ever wonder what it’s all about?  I don’t pretend to be an expert on feng shui but I wanted to share some basics on what feng shui decorating it’s all about!  There is a lot of information on the specific principles for each home of your house as well as the overall design of your house but what I’m hoping to do is just give you a taste of what decorating feng shui entails.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of living.  Feng shui focuses on creating an environment which cultivates the energy flow and tranquility of a room.  It’s about bringing the best energy to support the specific activities intended for a space.  It also incoporates the understanding of the individuals that occupy the space.  For example, if you are a stressed out person, bringing elements of peace and relaxation is important while possibly staying away from elements that represent energy and stimulation.  You should be aware of the meaning behind objects and the possible impact on your life.  Objects remind you of your own goals, and by their existence and your growing awareness of them, should lead you to fulfill your own goals in your life.

The basic design principles of feng shui, can leave you with a loving, supportive, fun and happy home.  Here are a few  basic principles to help you get started your efforts of creating a more harmoniously decorated home…

  • Clear away the clutter to clear away the old energy residues!
  • Ensure that you have good air quality as well as good lighting.  These are essential for good Chi (or good feng shui energy) throughout your home!  Enhancing Chi in your space, enhances your life.
  • It’s about finding balance as well… the yin and yang.  Making sure there is a sense of balance within your decorating efforts is important.  How do you feel in the space?  Is there too much of something? Too little of another?

If feng shui is something that you would like to learn more about, there is a wealth of information in books and on the web.  Just plug “feng shui decorating principles” in your search and you will find lots of ideas!  It really is interesting…

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