Here are a few ideas for adding some holiday flair without spending a lot of money:

  • Fill peppermint candies, red berries or small glass bulb ornaments in cylinder shaped candle holders (you can also use clear glass vases).  You can fill the containers with just the items or feel free to also add candles!
  • Display berries, pine cones and or  holiday potpourri on a small plate (solid color) with candles for a cute little festive display perfect for a bathroom or end table.
  • Wrap small boxes with pretty wrapping paper and ribbon and display them throughout your house.
  • Bring nature inside… use real pine cones in arrangements; use large sticks (or small bare branches) to hang ornaments on and display the branch on a wall; cut branches from a Christmas tree, add some candles and create a centerpiece.
  • Tie decorative ribbon around candles, candle holders, books, frames, potted plants, pillows, etc.  to give them a festive and dressed up look.
  • For the bathroom, roll up hand towels and tie them with decorative ribbon to create a holiday/spa like image.
  • Try displaying artificial berry garland around (placing it just around a top corner) hanging mirrors, frames or artwork.
  • Using cardboard, cut out letters (such as PEACE, JOY, CHEER, NOEL, etc.), spray paint the letters and hang them with ribbon on the wall.

Challenge yourself and see what you can find outside and inside your home that can add a little holiday spark without breaking the bank!

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