Before going out and spending money on wrapping paper, read these ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle while decorating beautifully wrapped gifts. Your friends and families will be amazed at your creativity and your wallet will love the savings!

  • Search your house for brown paper bags, unused wallpaper, out of date maps and calendars… these work great as wrapping paper. Add some coordinating ribbon to the packages along with a hand made tag and you’ve got a uniquely wrapped present.
  • Old magazines can also be used as wrapping paper and they don’t leave ink marks on your fingers like newspaper. A fun idea is to keep with the theme of the present. For example, wrap a sports related gift with pages from a sports magazine. A kitchen related item can be wrapped in pages from a kitchen or recipe magazine! Cut name tags shaped according to the theme (i.e. football for sports, wooden spoon for kitchen item) add some ribbon and your package is complete!
  • How about wrapping oddly shaped gifts in fabric? Try cutting up old tablecloths, curtains or cloth napkins. Wrap the gift in the fabric and tie with ribbon. Add an embellishment such as berry twigs, an ornament, a piece of garland, pinecones or decorative holly to make the package look even more festive.
  • Use colored tape when wrapping with brown paper bags in order to create different designs and add a little flair to the package. Additionally, you can find decorative packaging tape in many stores which you can also use in place of ribbon in order to decorate a gift!
  • Cover old shoe boxes with colored tissue paper (the bottom and top of the box) in order to put the present inside and then tie the box together with a beautiful bow.
  • Give your child a large piece of white paper and have them draw, color or paint on the paper. Then wrap a gift with their masterpiece! It’s a great way to get them involved and it will keep them busy as you wrap presents.
  • Old music sheet is another alternative for wrapping paper. A gift wrapped in music sheet and then tied with a bold color ribbon creates a stylish wrapped gift!
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