So you don’t have a designated office room in your house but you really need an office… how about creating an office space within an existing room in your home? It just might work!! Creating a distinct office area that is stylish and functional will help to create a productive work environment.

First, start by looking for an area in your home which can serve as an office nook. A corner of a room in a finished basement, family room or bedroom would work just great. Even just a wall can provide the perfect baseline for a great workspace. If you can’t fit a full sized desk in the area, opt for a smaller writing desk possibly paired with small hutch on top, and a matching bookcase or file cabinet if necessary. Be sure to chose wood tones that compliment the other furniture in the room for a more cohesive look. Having a file cabinet and/or a bookcase near will allow you to store necessary books and documents that you may need. Make sure you have a desk lamp or potentially a floor lamp (if you need the extra desk space) so you have adequate lighting.

If you are having trouble finding a potential office nook in your home, what about swapping out the small chest, credenza or sofa table in your entryway with a fold-down desk? When folded up, it hides your workspace and takes up minimal space. It’s a great desk for a laptop as it offers plenty of desk space when open and also provides adequate storage since most have drawers or cabinets. When closed, the top of the desk can still be used for a place to place your mail or keys down when you walk in the house and can also display photos or other accessories for people to enjoy when they walk into your home. You can place a small chair beside the desk to use when working but you can also use is when putting on or taking off shoes!

I have created a workspace in the middle of the family room! Instead of a sofa table behind our leather sectional, I have placed a writing desk with a storage/seat ottoman underneath. The desk had a small pull out drawer underneath where I store my laptop. On top of the desk, I have created two accessory displays. One which showcases a plant and some photos and the other which has stylish magazine holders for which I store my current customer folders in as well as other important papers, magazines, etc. that I am currently using. So the accessories tie into the room just perfectly, yet I still have some desk space for my laptop and some paperwork. Additionally, I have a bookcase nearby which I store other documents should I need to get to them. Using stylish organizational bins, magazine holders and decorative boxes also helps to tie into the decor of the entire room.

The key is finding an area within your home that will work for you as an office space and allow you to be productive. Finding organizational storage items (bins, baskets, magazine holders, etc.) helps to keep things in order. Placing nice artwork and setting up small accessory displays also helps to coordinate your workspace with the existing room decor. Keeping the space clutter free and organized will help to make the workspace functional and attractive!

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