More often than not, when working with couples, one person’s style is different from the other.  This potentially causes stress and frustration when trying to decorate a home.  Finding a common ground where both parties feel a part of the decision making process is not always easy but it certainly can be!  Today, it’s all about mixing styles so with a little compromise on both sides, you can have a space that both he and she love to live in.  It just takes a little understanding for how to mix styles so they work together.

For example, when it comes to selecting a sofa, you may opt for neutral upholstery (or leather) that may appeal more to him, while adding contemporary or more feminine style accent pillows that will soften the look and appeal more to her.  Likewise, the wall art might lean toward her style, but the accessories within the room could appeal to him using items from rustic materials such as ceramic pottery in earthy colors.  The style of area rug (i.e. pileless woven rug) may be chosen by him but with softer colors that may appeal to her.

These are just some suggestions to show you that even drastically different styles can be made to work with the right balance and style.  It’s all about taking out the stress and adding in a little compromise.  After all, a space that is enjoyed by both parties helps to make a happy home!


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