Entryway from hgtv.com

Having an inviting entryway is the perfect way to say “welcome” to your guests and at the same time it sets the tone for the rest of your home.  A well decorated entry way can make friends and family feel at home as soon as they walk in the door.  It’s a place for you to show guests a glimpse of your style!  Here are a few suggestions for decorating an entryway:

  • Add a chest of drawers with a nice piece of artwork above it.  The drawers will allow additional storage for those items that seem to create a pile right by your door.  You can store hats, gloves, mittens, etc.  Add a decorative bowl/basket/try  on top of the chest to easily place keys, loose change, etc. right as you walk in your home.
  • Place a bench in the entryway to provide an easy way for family and friends to come in and take off or put on shoes.  A bench with a shelf underneath would allow easy storage for shoes once they are taken off!  Add some throw pillows to the bench for added warmth to the space and hang artwork above!
  • An accent chair with a small side table (with a lamp and small accessory such as a framed photo, candle, etc.) and artwork above also creates a comfy, welcoming spot to take off your shoes.  The side table can also serve as a place to put your keys right when you walk in the door!

Now I challenge you to take a look at your entryway… what feelings do you have as you walk into your house?