As I start thinking about kids going back to school, thoughts of apple picking, football and cooler weather also come to mind.  In the summer, I’m all about being outside and just enjoying the time and for some reason once fall hits my house “to do” list comes out in full effect!  I start thinking of all the things that “bug” me and make a list to tackle them as the colder weather keeps us indoors.  My challenge is to try and think of how my four year old can “help” me without having the project become a complete disaster!  🙂  The fall is always a good time to reorganize, redecorate and get rid of the clutter.  It’s like fall cleaning on a bigger scale. 

The home projects on my list thus far are to reorganize my kitchen cabinets to better utilize my pantry closet, pack away some of the baby toys and possibly reconfigure the toy area in the finished basement and clean out the kid’s closets and go through their clothes to see what fits and what doesn’t.  What’s on your list????



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