A common problem that I often see when someone is starting a redecorating project is that their focus, mind and ideas are all over the place.  It’s really hard to start (and move forward with a project) when thoughts, wants, needs and ideas are disorganized.  In fact, it can be down right paralyzing.

To avoid the “decorating paralyzation” you need to get yourself (and the project) organized.  Otherwise, you may remain stuck for years or you may make decisions you might not be happy with in the end.  The first step to take on your redesign journey is to do your research!  Get ideas on what you like, what your space needs, how big your budget is (be realistic) and what your time line is (again, be realistic).  This will help provide a solid foundation for the project.  I find that gathering the data and writing things down really helps you develop a plan that you can stick with from beginning to end.

Then come back after all you research and data gathering and lay it all out on the table.   Access what you have gather and start making some decisions on the design, color and overall feel of the room.  Try and put together a small design board which would include pictures of the things you like for the room as well as include items to buy.   Try to assign various target dates for the different phases/steps of the process if need be as this will also help you move forward with the project.

I would also recommend not over analyzing each and every little decision (although it can be tough) and  avoid getting too many opinions in trying to make the “perfect” decision.  Realize that decorating your home should be fun and it should be about you and those in the house.  It’s not about your what your neighbor likes or about copying the latest decorating magazine if it doesn’t fit you or your lifestyle.  It’s time for your house to reflect you and your family!

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