I know that some people are intimidated when hanging artwork or pictures on the wall, so I figured I would provide some easy tips to decorating your walls!  Before you start banging nails into the wall, the best thing is to plan your wall arrangements on the floor first.  This way you can easily move things around until you get the right balance and look you are happy with (without patching any holes!).  If you want to take it one step further, you can also cut out paper templates of the wall hangings and tape them to the wall in order to visualize the layout on the actual wall.


Here are a few tricks of the trade:

– Pictures should be hung approximately 6 inches from sofa/furniture

– It’s easier to stagger pictures rather than hang them in a straight line (this also makes it more interesting)

– If there isn’t enough artwork to fill a large space, focus on individual areas rather than stretch out the artwork to fill the entire space.  The space between pictures should not be more than a palm-width

– Stick with standard shapes for wall groupings such as a triangle, rectangle, oval

– Mounting putty or candle tacking can be used to help ensure that artwork and pictures stay straight

– Artwork should not be wider than the furniture underneath it

– Keep groupings balanced by making sure that lighter colors vs darker colors and heavy frames vs lighter weight  frames are distributed appropriately

– Use different but coordinating frames to add interest

– Groupings should be at least 12″ below the ceiling and take up at least 2/3 of the size of the furniture below it


Remember to shop the home for pictures that just might be “hanging” around in another room!!!   Don’t be afraid to switch things up and swap out pictures from various rooms.  After all, you can easily use (white) toothpaste to fill any small nail hole.  Have fun…

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