Being a mother of two little boys, I am forever battling toys taking over the room.  In talking to many other moms, I know I’m not alone.  I feel as though the toys multiple themselves during the night!  Combine the outrageous numbers of toys with my need for organization and I have a recipe to drive myself nuts!  Thankfully, the options for decoration storage has kept me sane. I honestly don’t know what I would do without all the fun (and also classy) storage trunks, ottomans, bins and organizing shelves/bookcases.  They seriously are hidden treasures!!!

Whomever designed the first storage ottoman in my book was a genius.  It’s the perfect example of functional furniture for any room.  I use smaller leather square ottomans in the kids area to hide lots of toys.  They are decorative yet easy for them to access (and put away) their toys.  They even double as footrests for my husband when sitting down on the couch! 

I have a woven storage trunk in my family room (which adds great texture to the room) and use it as a coffee table as well as a place to store blankets.  I placed a serving tray on top which is easily removable in order to access the blankets in the trunk!

I have a few different organizing bins and bookshelves which are great for the kids toys.  Within the shelves, I also use fabric bins to hide some of the toys.  It adds color to the wood shelves and again works to hide the toys!

I personally feel that trying to organize toys of a four year old and one year old is almost impossible but with the help of today’s storage furnishings, I can sleep more easily at night knowing toys aren’t piled up and taking up an entire room.  There are so many different options and of course budget friendly way to organize the clutter!!

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