Furniture placement is one of the key elements to a well designed room.  People tend to feel as though they need to align their furniture along the walls of a room in order to fully maximize the space of a room.  Arranging the furniture along the walls is not the best approach to designing a room and it’s often limiting to a room’s full potential.  Therefore I thought I would talk about the four basic room shapes and the approaches to take when arranging furniture within each shape since they all lend themselves to different elements.


The first basic room shape is a square.  In a square room, you want to soften the lines and sharp corners.  In order to achieve this, try angling the furniture putting less emphasis on the angles.


The second is a rectangular shaped room.  With large rectangular rooms, you may want to break up the room into two separate seating areas which will make the room feel more welcoming.  Additionally, you do not want to place a sofa against one of the longest walls as it will elongate the room even more.  Normally, straight furniture placement works best with the larger pieces of furniture.


The third basic room shape is an L-shaped room.  These rooms are normally multi-purpose rooms (i.e. living and dining rooms) and therefore should be treated as two separate seating areas. 


The final basic room shape is an angled room.  This type of room has some sort of significant angle in the room and the angle isn’t necessarily a wall.  The angle could be the floor line (as an opening into another room), a roof line (balcony), or a built-in such as a fireplace or bookcase.  The furniture should be placed in line with the angle which is part of the room.


Furniture placement takes a lot of trial and error until it feels just right.  So, play with it for a bit and remember to look at the room from all angles and seating within the room to ensure it works properly.

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