I love looking at clothing fashion on the runway as it often predicts the latest and upcoming trends in home decorating.  As we all know trends come and go very quickly and when they come back around again there is always a little variation from the last time the trend appeared. 


I noticed that style.com posted their 2011 fall trend report (to view the whole report visit http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/trendreport/) and I was excited to see the mixing and matching of all different colors, textures and patterns!  Colored fur is also making a statement and polka dots are showing up everywhere.  The sixties style is making a bold comeback as well.  It’s so funny to know that we will see these concepts translated into home decorating as well.  It won’t be as extreme as seeing a bright purple fur couch but you will see these trends in home accessories so be on the look out!

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