The rhythm of a well designed room

Just like music, rhythm in design is all about creating repetition and contrast to create visual appeal and interest in a room.  Rhythm is one of the basics in room design and is created with the use of patterns, colors, objects, materials and placement.  The purpose behind rhythm is to move your eye around the room.  An easy way to create rhythm is by using the same color or shape at different intervals within the room.  For example, by using a color in the pillows, picking it up in a painting, and echoing it again in a rug. These repetitions will help carry your eye around the room and create rhythm.


Rhythm incorporates the use of form, lines and contrast.  Rhythm in form is the repeating of shapes, colors, textures and materials throughout a room.  When these elements are weaved throughout a room you will create a harmonious rhythm.  Additionally, you want to pay attention to the lines of a room which could be curved, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.  Lines within a room include the walls, furniture (tall pieces and long horizontal pieces), paintings, etc.  You want to balance out the lines of the room and pay attention to the variation of lines to create rhythm.  And lastly, keep contrast among color, texture, materials and space.  Contrast makes for an interesting rhythm in a room so you want to strive for a good mix of light and dark colors, positive and negative space and a good mix of textures and materials throughout the room!


So, create your room’s rhythm and make it sing!!! 🙂

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