I was fortunate to have a weekend away with my husband (to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary!) and we had the chance to enjoy Newport, RI.  Over the weekend, we met new people and the question “What do you do?” came up more than not.  I honestly love when I am asked this question because I am so proud of the answer.  My response is always something to the effect of “I raise our children and I own my own business”.  This then prompts them to usually ask “Oh, what type of business?”.  With a huge smile across my face, I happily respond, “I am an Interior Redesigner.  I help people love their homes.”  This small conversation always leaves me feeling so very lucky because I am doing what I love most… being with my children and helping others.

I love that I can make a difference in other’s lives by helping them to create a home they love to live in.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create beautiful rooms.  Some of the key pieces to creating a room that you will truly love are as follows:

  • – Keeping the functionality of the room in mind
  • – Furnishings for the room (existing, new or both!… don’t forget to shop for items that are used in other rooms)
  • – Proper furniture placement
  • – Adequate lighting (rule of thumb: minimum of 3)
  • – Placement of artwork/wall hangings
  • – Accessorizing the room

When all these elements are balanced and working together, you have the recipe for a beautifully decorated room!



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