What is the purpose of the room??


The very first thought that I have prior to decorating any room is to define the purpose and functionality of the room.  What do you want to use this space for?  What activities will go on in this room?  Who will be using this room (kids, guests, etc.)?  What do you need in this room?  These are the million dollar questions that need to be answered before even getting into the decorating and design of the room.  I feel that if a room does not meet the functional requirements it is NOT a well decorated room!  Remember that function always follows form.

Once the functionality and purpose of the room are clearly defined, you can then start to think about the necessary  furnishings needed.  For example, you will want to think about how much seating is necessary for space.  If you have a large family and you watch TV in the room, keep in mind how many seats you will need positioned around the TV.  Additionally, think about the material of the furnishings.  If you have you have young children you may want to select stain resistant materials.  Do you really want a glass coffee table with little ones around even though you may love the table?  I think you get the picture and as you can see defining the function of a room (and thinking about who is going to use the room) helps to furnish the room appropriately.

The functionality of a room is important in all aspects of decorating the room and not just when considering the larger furnishings.  You also want to make sure there is adequate lighting for the activities taking place in the room.  Are there enough accent tables (Does everyone have a place to put down a drink when sitting in their seat) and storage (do you have a place for the toys to be put away when not being used?) in the room?  And when accessorizing once again remember who will be using the space (Should you put a glass vase on your coffee table where the kids watch TV?).

All of this may be obvious to some but I hate to see people go out and spend a ton of money on the furnishings they love but yet the furnishings are n0t practical for the space and functionality of the room!

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