I met a wonderful couple of days ago who is looking to redesign many of the rooms in their beautiful home.  As we were walking through the house, we were talking about different styles and themes for the various rooms and they described for me their visions for the rooms.  I honestly loved listening to the passion they had when talking about each of the rooms.  I truly appreciated how proud they were of their home as well as their belongings.  I only wish that more people felt as passionate as they did about making a house a home.  And not just a home but more specifically THEIR home which will portray all the things that they love and enjoy. 


I am a true believer that a home should tell a story about those living in it.  It should showcase the things that you enjoy, love and are passionate about.  If you tell me that you absolutely love something (say a painting) and that painting is in a room that you don’t go into often, I would tell you to move the painting into another room in the house that you are always in.  You should enjoy that painting everyday and place it in a significant place where you see it all the time, as opposed to leaving it hanging in a room you don’t use.  So, look around your house… are there things that you love in rooms that you don’t necessarily use very often?  If so, move them!

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