Your goal in staging your home is to showcase the architecture and key features of the home and accentuate the positives when detracting from the negatives.  In order to to this, it may require removing wall paper, repainting rooms as well as replacing items in the home.  However you want to make sure that the changes are also cost effective.  Remember that anything old, worn, damaged or needing repair will give instantly give the impression that the house is also old and worn.  You want the first impression for potential buyers to be the very best!


Things to consider when staging a home are:

– Function of the space:  you want to make sure that every room has a clear purpose and is staged with all the fixings (including accessories, lighting, art, etc.)


– Placement of furnishings: you may need to thin out the furnishings to help highlight the space and proper furniture placement is key. 


– Color: you want to warm up and neutralize rooms in soothing shades that work with almost any decor


– Emotion: you want to tap into the emotional side of the buyer by creating an inviting atmosphere in which the buyer can envision themselves living in the home


– Play up distinctive features of the home: you will want to accentuate the positives and downplay the negatives aspects of the home.  Make focal points stand out (i.e. beautiful fireplace, terrific view).

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