Be brave and decorate your home anyway you want!

I stumbled upon a few quotes that I wanted to share with you in hopes that you will not let fear dictate your choices when decoring your home!  Enjoy….


Whatever you do in your decorating philosophy, be brave….never wish you hadn’t taken your vision right to the end. Make a bold statement.     – Roger Banks-Pye


There is nothing more trite than a set period – any antique period bought intact for today’s living. But, by the same token, a contemporary house that ignores all vestiges of the past in order to express a purely modern philosophy runs the risk of becoming a stagnant document of its own time.    – Eleanor McMillen Brown


Yes, there are general decorating guidelines and rules of thumb to follow in order to achieve a well decorated room.  But don’t be fearful of mixing and matching things…. different textures, colors, fabrics, woods, etc.  It’s what makes each home unique and special.  Challenge yourself to be bold and make a statement about you, your family and your home!