Jenna is the Best
Jenna is not only an extremely talented designer, she was a lot of fun to work with throughout this project. Jenna assisted me in redesigning my entire condo (one room to go!). She is amazing with color, design, form and vision. She assisted me with floor selection, cabinets, design, counter tops, color furniture selection and placement. I could not be happier with the end result. Jenna understood from the beginning of this project what my vision for the space was and really helped me to coordinate each room with a great flow. I have a brand new fresh, contemporary living space that I just love. Thank you so much Jenna, you are the best!

Love Her Work

Jenna helped my husband and I redo our living room! Jenna is very professional but yet personal! She is very easy and fun to work with! She offers great suggestions and ideas! She will shop for you or you can do the shopping! We did some of the shopping and texted her with ideas we saw to see if it would work! She was responsive to texts and emails in a very timely manner! She will work with any budget! She listens well to you and has great ideas! I would highly recommend Jenna! In fact I need to have Jenna come back and work with us in our bedroom! We love her work she did in our living room!

Finally, a Livable Living Room!

Before my color consultation with Jenna, simply walking into my own home would cause me stress; specifically, I could not relax in my own living room because it lacked the warmth and comfort that I think every home needs. Within no time at all, Jenna was able to select the perfect color for not only my living room, but also for my foyer, hallways, and bathroom. Moreover, her consultation motivated me to finally finish several projects throughout the house, a task I had been putting off for too long. I can now relax in and enjoy my home so much more because of Jenna’s guidance and advice. She is a great listener, fun to work with, and has a true eye for color. She will be my first call when my next urge to redecorate surfaces! Thank you so much, Jenna!

Fun to Work With

Jenna has helped me to select paint colors on numerous occasions. She manages to find a perfect balance between professional and fun. She has a fantastic eye for color and design and hits the mark right on every single time, plus she is fun to work with. I would highly recommend Jenna’s services to anyone looking for design help regardless of the size of the project…nothing is too big or small.

Our New Townhouse

We recently downsized to a townhouse after living in our home for over 35 years. It was an emotional time for us and trying to choose what to keep, what to donate and what to toss was overwhelming. Thankfully, Jenna came to my rescue. She knew exactly what to keep and how to arrange the rooms in our new home. She has great style and is a genius with color.

I can’t say enough about her professionalism, kindness and talent. She’s a treasure!! I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Love It All!

Jenna has helped us so much with our home over the years. From our complete master bedroom redesign with personal shopping, to curtains in my family room, to tile work in my kitchen and paint colors galore! She has the great ability to see a style and completely redesign a room into something entirely different…while on a budget! She has made our home so cozy, yet functional, for our family. I love, love everything she has done. She is amazing!

A Natural Designer

Jenna has been helping me to make our house a home for several years. She has a unique ability to listen to her clients, their preferences, their challenges and quickly come up with a functional design for any room. She has helped my husband and I with furniture layout, paint colors, room accessories and more! She even worked with and shopped for my husband when he decided to surprise me with re-designing our bedroom. I have only positive feedback for Jenna…she is professional in every way and has always been spot on with her decorating choices for my home. I recommend her highly and will definitely be calling her again myself!

My Beautiful Family Room

We love love love our new family room layout, colors, functionality, furniture…you name it we love it. Jenna chose pieces for my room that I would never have thought of purchasing. The things she finds are all surprisingly priced just right for my budget. And we never went over budget. Thanks Jenna. I continue to get compliments on my room. But best of all my family room totally rises to greet me in the morning and welcomes me home in the evening. I have told Jenna she has a few more rooms to make over. I am so excited to see what she has in store for the other rooms. I never thought in a million years that I would use an interior decorator. HA – I wished I found her when we first moved into our home. I love Jenna’s work and professionalism. She is always prompt for appointments, always returns calls. She is top notch in my book and I am sure she will be top notch in yours too. Thanks Jenna!

Thank Goodness for Jenna!

I have to admit I am horrible at picking out colors and coordinating accessories. So when we moved into our house I wanted it done right the first time. Thanks goodness for Jenna! She picked out all the colors for our first floor. I love my dark accent wall and get so many compliments. The pale yellow for the kitchen is perfect. I would not have picked these but this is exactly what I wanted. Also being a busy working mom I don’t have any time to look at curtains, accessories and put it all together. Jenna tied everything together and we just love it. If it was not for her help we would still have off white walls with nothing on them. She helped us turn our house into a home. I can’t wait until we are able to expand our house and have her come in and do her magic! Thank you!

 Jenna To The Rescue

I knew my living room needed help; I just didn’t know where to start. It was overcrowded and I wasn’t happy with a few of the pieces of furniture in the room. Family pictures, which I loved, were not displayed in any special way. Jenna came to the rescue. She came in for a consultation and we agreed on how to proceed. She got a feel for what styles I liked and listened to what my objectives were for the room. We set a date to shop together for some accessories. She assisted me in shopping online for a few things too. The transformation of the room was incredible. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The living room is not only more functional for my needs but it is so much more visually appealing. I enjoy sitting in it and just feel so much more relaxed there. My family and friends have been very impressed with the makeover. I had to get Jenna’s business cards to pass out to others who were interested in a room makeover after seeing Jenna’s work in my new and improved living room.

Beyond Our Expectations

When we bought our house two months ago, we knew we would call Jenna to help us. We figured that after moving, we would be a blank slate. Jenna went beyond our expectations! The way she chose to bring in color, hang photos and other decorations brought us an incredible space for entertaining. She was very creative and took items that we would have only thought of using one way – on a wall, for example – and created unique display areas with them.

We hosted friends this past weekend and we spent the entire night in that room – the flow she designed with our furniture was perfect for seating and highlighting the fireplace. We look forward to having her help us with other rooms as we decorate our home!

Highly Recommend Jenna

Jenna did an awesome job in our living room! She re-purposed different pieces from throughout our home and helped us to better understand how to hang things on the wall, so they would help expand the space and be more eye catching. When Jenna revealed our “new” room, it was perfect. We highly recommend her.

Jenna Listens and Understands

I am very challenged when it comes to any type of fashion. I am also a creature of habit and would not change anything. These are things that Jenna changed for me. She spent a great deal of time listening to our concerns, understanding what it was we were trying to accomplish and more importantly designing a room that truly fit who we were. Jenna worked within our budget, she never missed a date and followed our progress right to the end. The room came out perfect, it was more than we ever imagined. Jenna is not only a great person to do business with, she is someone you can call a friend.

Professional and Welcoming Office Space

The last thing we ever thought about when renovating our new office space was what to do about decorating. Then along came Jenna, problem solved and the office looks great. With very little guidance and input on what we wanted, Jenna was able to add a creative and decorative touch to our office to make it look professional and welcoming. We set a budget and Jenna took care of purchasing a great selection of pictures, tables, plants and other accessories to decorate the office. We are extremely pleased with the great job she did at an affordable price.

You’ve Made My Place a Home

Thanks for a job well done. The house looks absolutely great with the new additions as well as the reuse of what I already had I truly feel like you’ve made my place a home. I am very very pleased with your capturing my taste and style and the creativeness you brought to the spaces. The bedroom you created for my boys – outstanding! It is a clean safe and more importantly fun place for them to live and play! You came into my home/life at a transitional period and sincerely changed it and made me excited about this new chapter. I certainly never hesitate to recommend your company. I look forward to working with you again soon!

A Few Small Changes Makes a Big Difference

My house was so difficult to keep organized – especially with a 4 year old! I used to walk in the door and want to walk back out. It’s unbelievable the difference just a few small changes made – and ll with furniture that I already own. Jenna gave me some excellent tips and organizational ideas, and now I feel like I have my living room back! I can’t wait to tackle other rooms in the house with her.

My New Favorite Room

Jenna has taken our living room from a room that was rarely used to a room that is now our favorite room for reading and relaxing. Jenna is extremely creative with transforming a space.

Jenna is Amazing!

Jenna has an amazing ability to connect with her clients and understand what it is they want and how to accomplish it. Jenna takes time to understand our needs, styles and budget and helps us easily and affordably create the space we want. Jenna is not just good at her job, but an amazing and caring person you want to know!

Thanks for Everything!

I still can’t get over the changes Jenna made….. who would have thought of putting the desk in the kitchen area, (I am loving this, using my computer out in the open, thank you) and the hutch wheeI had the computer cabinet, looks real nice……!!! The storage areas are terrific, not even full yet!!!….. My friends at work were impressed with the changes she made and the way she arranged things. Jenna’s card is on the bulletin board at work. Jenna, If you should ever need a reference, I’ll be more than happy to tell people how satisfied I am with you and the way you do business. And, very affordable . . . . . I thank you for everything!

A Designer’s Touch

My husband and I were very pleased at how Jenna redesigned our living room. We liked how she was very attentive to our personal needs and aspirations for the space, and how she incorporated then into a unique, functional, well designed room. Jenna, thank you for giving our living room your designer’s touch.

Jenna Knows Color

Jenna’s vision regarding paint color choices into our girls rooms was truly outstanding. I enjoyed the choices when I saw them. Jenna told me they would look even better when I would see the finished product. She was correct!!

Thank You Ms. Jenna

This is addressed to anyone that has a room at home or an office that needs a little something different to bring it back to life. I usually don’t do testimonials but this was a special experience. It all started when my wife Sally (who has done an excellent job decorating our home over the years) said to me; “ I can’t decide what to do about curtains for the living room, the room needs something different.” I suggested that she call Jenna Crovo, who just joined our BNI networking group. I told Sally I needed her opinion on Jenna’s abilities before I recommended her to my real estate clients, and she reluctantly said yes. My wife liked Jenna right away. She found her to be very perky, upbeat and positive, and had some great ideas for the entire living room area. The more they talked and exchanged ideas, the more this became a fun project that Sally quickly got excited about. They decided on a very reasonable budget and Jenna went to work. Within a few weeks we had a completely different living area with the same furniture, but new slip covers, new accent lamps, picture frames and a totally different furniture arraignment that worked out way beyond Sally’s expectations. It has been over two months since Jenna gave our living room new life and Sally hasn’t moved a thing from where Jenna placed it (That says volumes for Jenna’s abilities). I often find Sally snuggled up on the new looking couch reading a book and enjoying her new room. Sally says she finds it very calm and soothing, no longer the prickly room of the past. I would strongly recommend Jenna Crovo and Redefined Designs to anyone who values their time at home, enjoys entertaining or needs a more serine work area. Thank you Ms. Jenna.

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