The feeling of being overwhelmed is one that I am quite familiar with.  There are many reasons why we get overwhelmed and many things that can provoke us to feel overwhelmed.  I often have to take my own advice that I share with all my customers which is… to stay focused on one task!  Yesterday I talked about fall projects, so I figured today would be a good reminder to not to get too overwhelmed by the list of projects and rooms that may be on your fall home project list.  If your list is long, try prioritizing the list so you can see the most important projects and tackle them first.

So often when we talk about redesigning one room, our thoughts and ideas expand into other rooms and then ideas start swirling in our heads and before you know it we’ve talked about almost every room in the house and the overwhelming feeling have come.  When starting a redesign or decorating project, try to say focused on one room otherwise you could end up getting very overwhelmed which makes you feel as though you’ve accomplished nothing!  It’s very easy for our thoughts (and brains!) to get side tracked but staying focused on the room at hand allows you to be organized and keeps your attention towards the goal of completing one room before moving on to the next.  If you can’t stop the ideas from spiraling out of control, try writing the ideas down in a notebook.  In the notebook, have one page for each room and then write down the ideas as they come to you so you can keep track of the ideas and easily move your focus back to the room at hand. 

Over the past years, I have helped people that felt paralyzed by their feelings of being overwhelmed when making decisions about decorating styles, selecting paint colors, purchasing furniture, selecting flooring, remodeling kitchens, etc.  So, I have become quite familiar with practicing the art of staying focused and not allowing the overwhelming feelings to take control.  Once you tame the overwhelming feelings, the redesigning and decorating is so much fun!!!

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